The digital workshops

The Digital Workshops allow companies large and small to grow through social media and online advertising training. If you like so many are overwhelmed with all the options and resources available online, we understand and are here to help.

Brandon McCurdy is an expert in digital advertising and implementing social media strategies. Having grown his own companies from start-ups to successful businesses and working with both mid-sized and large companies, he understands each business is unique with their own sets of challenges.

Brandon's teaching style and knowledge base combine to create an atmosphere where everyone from beginners to experts can expand their digital influence and reach new customers.

One of the best parts of The Digital Workshops? We don't sell anything! EVER! Don't you hate it when you pay to go to an event or workshop only to find out that you have to pay even more for "the good stuff?" No services are being offered and nothing is for sale, we train you and your team how to do digital advertising for yourself and give you the resources to succeed for only the cost of admission. No upselling!

Workshops are conducted around the country with a limited number of seats at each event to ensure that you get the personalized training for your specific business or organization. Register below for an upcoming event!


Finding your customers where they are

You'll learn which social networks to use to best reach your target audience. Training will also include: purchasing ads on social networks, creating compelling content, engaging your audience, growing your network, and so much more!


turning customers into digital advertisers

Our proven strategy for turning customers into your best sales team will teach you how to collect reviews, engage current customers, and multiply your advertising dollars for maximum effectiveness.


reading digital advertising analytics

It's one thing to be effective online, it's another thing to be able to track it! We'll teach you how to read your analytics reports so you'll know if your strategies are working, what customers are most engaged with your content, and when to adjust your strategy.