digital exclusive for businesses


Digital Exclusive for Businesses is an excellent opportunity to kick start your organization’s social networking program.

The onsite workshop is a full day of hands-on introduction, instruction, and how-to guide for front line employees and marketing professionals.

The exclusive is designed to teach users social media best practices, short cuts, tools, and techniques for creating an effective social media presence.  The session can accommodate multiple users and can be scaled to maximize your investment.

Do Companies Really Need to Subject Their Employees to a Digital Exclusive for Businesses?

Yes! We’ve all heard horror stories of social media gone wrong. On the internet, what you don’t know can hurt you. Well-intentioned employees can damage your brand, reputation, and relationships if they lack a basic skill-set to manage an online identity.

Social media is a two-way communication that can deliver exceptional results when it’s done right. Businesses can’t just whip up a Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, or Twitter and think they’ll see results. Social media isn’t just about posting status updates and selling. Companies, and their employees, need to listen, engage, and become part of the online conversation. We teach you how to be part of that conversation in a positive and proactive way.

What Can You Expect from a Digital Exclusive for Businesses?

Our Digital Exclusive for Businesses will help you use social media in a practical manner that is executable by real-world employees. We’ll ignore all the industry hype and focus on what really matters. By the end of the workshop, your employees will have active social media accounts that are optimized for search and present your organization in a professional, approachable manner.


  • Objectives of establishing a social media presence

  • Social media best practices and basic rules of engagement

  • An introduction to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest, and YouTube

  • A review of secondary networks like Tumblr, Google+, and Vimeo

  • Differentiating between individual and business profiles and accounts

  • How-to guide for select names and URLs

  • How-to guide for writing a strong profile and page

  • How-to guide for choosing an avatar or profile picture

  • A review of standard terms and nomenclature for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram

  • Advanced features for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram

  • A review of popular social media tools to help build your online community

  • Instructions for sharing content, updates, and news

  • A review of newbie mistakes and blunders to avoid

  • Tips for evaluating if your social media activity is working


  • Knowledge of you company’s existing social media accounts and activity

  • Access to existing personal and/or company social media accounts

  • An open mind, desire to learn, and a wiliness to adapt


Digital Exclusive for Business is scheduled in advanced and arranged based on your organization’s standard operational hours. Travel time and expenses are included in the workshop costs.

Location: Your Office
Duration: Six Hours
Number of Attendees: Unlimited
Technical: Projector and a Laptop for Each Attendee
Cost: $1,500*
Payment: Digital Exclusive for Businesses Session Fee is Made Via PayPal and Due at Time of Scheduling; Travel Expenses Build Upon Completion of Session

*Digital Exclusive for Businesses can be adjusted to accommodate a remote training session. We replace the existing onsite presentation and break it up into two days of three hour sessions. Session are presented via Solaborate and as many people as you would like can be invited.

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