How to Deal with Different Personalities as a Leader

Diversity in the workplace is very important. One of the most important aspects of diversity comes through personalities. Great minds think alike, but diverse minds can have some of the greatest breakthroughs. As a leader, you must not show any favorability to one particular personality type. These tips will help you to best deal with various personalities and be the best leader you can possibly be.


Someone who's not afraid to speak out and be dynamic is someone you want for your business. The Expressive/Social type will let you know what's on their minds and be engaged in all kinds of communication. The team that put these personality quadrants together recommends that these people not be placed in positions that require extreme attention to detail, such as paperwork or scheduling. However, they're definitely useful with getting messages across and making sure that all communication is clear. To lead them, you need to get to the point as quickly as possible and emphasize the most important aspects of what you need them to do.


Though they might have a reputation for bossiness, assertive types are a necessity in the workplace. Without any assertiveness, there's going to be far less responsibility in place. Those who are assertive crave the same from others. If someone tells you that they can't do a project you asked them to do, you have to be even more assertive than they are. Put your foot down and tell them that you need things done and that you won't take any alternative. They should admire you for having the guts you do and end up being much more respectful of you.


Emotions in the workplace should not be considered bad. If there weren't any emotions, then no one would ever seem inspired. Those who have empathetic dispositions should be viewed with reverence. Be patient with them if they’re having a hard time due to another employee going through a hard time. Realize that this empathy means a lot for the morale of the workplace because it's much better than having a business where people only look out for themselves. Chances are, they've shown plenty of empathy towards you as well.


Analyzers have good heads on their shoulders, and they use their logic to deliver favorable results. You need to make sure that any analyzers under your leadership are able to use their gifts for consistency and attention-to-detail. Someone whose job requires safety or critical thinking may need to be an analyzer, as they'll need to catch things that may slip by others.

Each of these personality types can work together and be embraced. No matter what's your personality type is, you need to be a leader, first and foremost. Take the time to think about every personality type that you may have to lead and devise a plan that satisfies everyone.

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