Get Paid for Advertising

How to Make Your Company Matter is a 6-part vlog series designed to walk you through 6 crucial steps every business needs to consider when branding themselves. We hope the information is helpful!

This one always sounds too good to be true but it’s really very simple. No matter what line of business you are in you can easily get paid to have people advertise for you.

Once you have created and cultivated a logo and built brand recognition you simply have to take the next step into creating and selling apparel.

Every dirty truck stop in America has mastered this one. Whether it’s 64oz. coffee cups or ugly trucker hats they get hundreds of people every day to give them money for the honor of advertising their business all across the country.

Your business needs to create and distribute quality apparel or promotional items that people will use and wear. It may cost you a bit to get it going but if you do it right and offer a shirt, hat, cup or other item people actually want to use, the rest is free advertising!

The key to this is quality! If you print up the junkiest t-shirts you can find they will soon be car wash rags. But use a high quality, modern style shirt with your logo crisply printed on it and you’d be shocked how quickly people will pay you to take your company with them everywhere they go.