Digital Versus Print

How to Make Your Company Matter is a 6-part vlog series designed to walk you through 6 crucial steps every business needs to consider when branding themselves. We hope the information is helpful!

Studies have proven that people interact with content differently based on how it is applied. When a person is reading something on a screen their mind goes into “information mode.” They scan the page quickly looking for the pertinent information and emotional triggers before moving on to the next page.

In print the relationship is completely different. The viewer’s mind goes in to what we’ll call “meditative mode.” They are much more thoughtful and intentional with their interaction and will consider the content more deeply as they view it.

With these two facts at our disposal, let’s think about how we are creating promotion for our businesses. In a digital application we have mere seconds to capture the attention of our audience. This allows us to show off the visual elements of what we do. Bright, vibrant, impactful media should dominate over content.

In a print application the tables are turned. While we still need to grab their attention we have to make sure that when we do we have something to say. In print we have to get them to “buy in” to what we are saying and see enough value in it to explore you further and act on your offerings.