Curate Great Pictures

How to Make Your Company Matter is a 6-part vlog series designed to walk you through 6 crucial steps every business needs to consider when branding themselves. We hope the information is helpful!

Whether you have an unlimited budget to spend on high-quality custom photography or you are a one-person operation trying to make ends meet, we can all have great images!

There are more tools than ever to help you find compelling pictures that speak to your customer. So what are we looking for in a picture?

1. Resolution - pictures need to be big to ensure the quality will hold up in different applications.

2. Clarity - Is the picture crisp? Does it pop?

3. Mood- Does the image put the viewer in the frame of mind you want them in when considering your business?

4. Authenticity - While it’s free and easy to rip an image off of someone else’s page it’s also illegal. Find reputable sources for quality stock photography you can feel good about using. A few dollars spent on the right picture is totally worth it!