Choose Colors Wisely

How to Make Your Company Matter is a 6-part vlog series designed to walk you through 6 crucial steps every business needs to consider when branding themselves. We hope the information is helpful!

Your favorite color is not everyone’s favorite color. Beyond that colors trigger very distinct mental triggers. Some can be used to your advantage while others must be avoided at all cost.

There are full college courses on color theory that obviously won’t fit in the brief report but in an effort to abbreviate I would encourage you to check out our blog and learn more about the positive and negative impacts of each color.

On top of the color you choose the boldness of that color must also be taken into consideration. To use colors in their more muted tones can communicate passiveness while the bolder versions can be taken as being too aggressive. 

The application of those colors is also crucial. What colors are you pairing together and what does that combination say to people? Does the color work in multiple environments? Is this color offensive to people in an area I am seeking to do business?

Needless to say there are many variables in selecting colors. Simply put, do your research before choosing a color. It’s a lot more powerful then you could imagine.